The beginning Oct03


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The beginning

Hi world,

We’ve been working on our little tech baby. Here is where we are right now:

Before the weather returned to be usual London weather, we had been taking Alice on a hunt for playgrounds that we have never been before. We had such a fun time riding our bikes through London and making strategic stops to play and test drive the playgrounds.

We manage to add a few good ones on our database. It felt really good to be at the parks, taking pictures and gathering infomation to put on the app. It made me feel very lucky to be able to do that, to be at all those beautiful places, and translating our experience in content that we can share with people. Really, we can’t wait to share it with you.

Besides the fun part, we have been writing and designing the last bits of the website while the developers are working hard on the tech side. We are close to launch it.┬áIt is scary and exciting at the same time, and we like when those feelings combine. ­čÖé